Head Gardeners' Tips

October 01 2019


Scotland Head Gardener, Sallie Sillars, is excited this month as October can mean only one thing…


The months of nurturing the plants to their full potential is coming to an end.  The joy of immersing myself in the gardens journey from spring development, through to the lush growth of summer days has reached a crescendo …harvest time!  

A garden therapists joy! Taking the opportunity to share the multitude of activities on hand from picking apples, collecting windfalls, selecting the best, washing them, storing them for future use, deciding on which recipe will offer the best connecting story, preparing them, tasting, creating sociable experiences is vast. Pickling, herbal infusions, vinegars, oils, chutney & jam making, pressing, juicing and enjoying! It’s as important in the gardening calendar as remembering when to order the mulch and manure. Make time to enjoy these moments, its what gardens are all about! 

Immerse yourself in the bounty on offer, share the produce, and get your fill. We will soon be back to the drawing board and the endless tweaking and titivating to get the best out of the garden all over again. 


We hope your harvests are as fruitful as Scotland’s!

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