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October 16 2018

October 2018

Autumn Cuttings – Salvia Amistad

Our Salvia Amistad have put on a fantastic show this year, their first year in a newly planted garden! Some perennials are hardier than others but to ensure that we have some plants for next year, and to safeguard against a particularly cold winter we are taking a few Autumn cuttings.

Early in the morning is the best time to gather your cuttings, when it is at its most hydrated. Either with a sharp knife or secateurs cut several stems from non-flowering shoots and place directly in a plastic bag to help retain the hydration. 

To prepare the cuttings cut each just below shoots/leaves on the main stalk. Either cut or pinch off the larger leaves. Each cutting should be around 5-8cm in length using material from the shoot tips.

Preferable dip the base of the cutting in rooting hormore compound and put into a 15cm or so pot of gritty compost. You can have around 6 cuttings in each pot. Water and placein a sealed plastic bag. Keep at room temperature until rooted. 

Once cuttings have roots, remove from the plastic bag and store in a frost free area. Water sparingly and take care to avoid over watering over winter. 

Hopefully if you are lucky you will have some new Salvia Amistads to plant out in your border next year!

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