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November 02 2018

November 2018

November is the best time to plant tulip bulbs (though you can plant them later if you forget!). Put some into pots, using peat-free compost with grit mixed in for drainage. In ornamental pots and planters, these will take centre stage in your patio display in April/May time. If you have enough bulbs, put some into ordinary (2 litre) plant pots too – and then use these to ‘drop in’ to fill any bare spaces in the borders once they’re in flower next spring. 

If you’re planting tulips (or any other bulbs) in a border, it’s worth scattering some same over the areas you’ve completed. That way, if you have to break off, when you start again you’ll be able to see where you’ve already planted.

If squirrels are a problem in your garden, cover pots of bulbs with chicken wire to keep them safe. 


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