Head Gardeners' Tips

November 05 2018

november 2018

Herbaceous perennials create structure and add yearlong colour to many gardens. Now is the time you can increase your plants stock by taking divisions to grow in a divisions bed. Choose a sheltered part of the garden and supplement the soil with good quality compost to create a light airy soil. Divide your plants trim growth and lay them approximately 10cm apart in channels at an angle of 45 degrees. Cover with soil so the tips are just above the ground. 

They will winter in this bed if kept damp and not too wet, by early summer they should have begun to set strong roots and shoot and be ready to plant out, or pot up until you decide where to put them. Strong rooted plants respond well, such as crocosmia, agapanthus, hemerocallie, gemus, persicaria and so on.


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