Our NCVO Volunteers’ Week celebrations are continuing, this time as part of the Voluntary Services Team’s plans to mark the occasion at Salisbury District Hospital. 

As a ‘thank you’ to all the volunteers at the hospital, the organisation have put together a short series of talks, one of which will be by our very own Head Gardener, Stephen Hackett, on Monday 7th June.  

Alongside webinars by genetic scientist James Macpherson, representing the Salisbury Hospital League of Friends, trekker Lynne Rose, representing the Stars Appeal and historian/archivist Lesley Self, representing ArtCare, Stephen will be representing Horatio’s Gardenspeaking all about the sanctuary, gardening in general and what we do to support patients affected by spinal injury spending time in the Duke or Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre. 

Whilst the online event is only open to those who volunteer at the hospital, you can find out more about Horatio’s Garden South West and Stephen himself by clicking here. 

Alternatively, for those of you who may have been hoping to procure some horticultural advice, you’re welcome to take a look at our Head Gardeners’ Tips page, where there are plenty of contributions from Stephen, along with the rest of our talented, knowledgeable and ever-entertaining Head Gardeners! 

We’re thrilled to be part of another set of NCVO Volunteers’ Week proceedings and sincerely hope that all those who generously give up their time to support the Salisbury District Hospital community enjoying hearing what Stephen and all his fellow presenters have to say.