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February 28 2021

head gardener sallie to speak at trellis’ online conference

The arrival of March will hopefully mark the beginning of sustained weeks of warm, spring days, but as well as bringing spells of sunshine it will also bring Trellis’ brand new seminar series! 

Trellis is Scotland’s network for therapeutic gardening. From 8th – 12th March, they’ll be hosting an intriguing conference entitled Therapeutic Gardening: Learning from Around the World and our very own Horatio’s Garden Scotland Head Gardener, Sallie Sillars, will be there to share her insights. 

The week-long programme of seminars is going to be home to a host of esteemed experts in therapeutic gardening from across the world, with insights coming from as far as America, Peru, Spain, France and Singapore. 

They will of course be joined by many more wonderful speakers who are a little more local, with practical and inspiring sessions from projects such as Urban Roots, Forfar Open Gardens and of course, Horatio’s Garden. 

Sallie will be speaking on Monday 8th March, the very first day of the conference, at 2pm. She will be talking about her experiences in our garden in Glasgow, detailing a little more about how her work in this stunning sanctuary helps to improve the lives of patients and their loved ones affected by spinal cord injury, as well as how it supports the NHS staff working in the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit. 

To register for Sallie’s webinar, please click here. 

Registration is free and everyone is welcome. Whether you were new to gardening in 2020, or are an experienced practitioner already using gardening to help people improve their health and wellbeing, the series promises to be appealing, informative and insightful for all. 

We’re very much looking forward to hearing Sallie speak and hope you are too! 

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