We were thrilled to discover that our very own Horatio’s Garden Scotland Head Gardener, Sallie Sillars, featured this week’s episode of The Scottish Garden Podcast! 

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Hosted by the wonderful Julianne Robertson, who herself is a writer, podcaster, PR professional and enthusiastic gardener, together she and Sallie indulged in half an hour of discussion around their shared passion for gardening, plants and all the incredible benefits of horticulture. 

Juliane established the podcast for plant lovers who wished to know more about the gardens and growers of Scotland, which has led to her meeting a host of interesting people and plants along the way. It’s all about exploring what’s special about Scotland through the eyes of a garden lover and foiliage addict, which happens to be a subject Sallie was only too happy to shed a little more light on! 

Having now tended to the beautiful Horatio’s Garden Scotland since it opened in 2016, Sallie has seen the garden flourish and knows just how much this particular sanctuary means to people affected by spinal injury from across the country. As a horticultural therapist too, she loves working with patients and has seen the psychological and physical benefits of growing in action across all ages for many years. The connection with nature and how it helps people is something she touches on in the episode, which following a year of lockdown will undoubtedly be a sentiment plenty more people have come to truly understand.

Scotland Woodland Garden  

Naturally, Julianne was also interested to discover more about the design and planting scheme James Alexander-Sinclair created for the haven, with listeners gaining an insight into just how involved and passionate he has been about the project since day one. 

As many of you will know, James regularly revisits the garden and loves every minute! Indeed, by complete coincidence, he is due to reappear in Scotland next week as part of the new garden room project, which Sallie makes a mention of in her interview. We’ll be sharing more about this exciting, soon-to-be-complete development soon and know that Sallie, James and the whole Scotland team can’t wait to welcome patients and their loved ones to this stunning new space.


We are so grateful to Julianne for giving Sallie the opportunity to share so much about Horatio’s Garden Scotland and hope you enjoy listening to this and many more uplifting episodes!