As the days grow shorter, making the most of our gardens and the natural abundance within them feels more worthwhile than ever. 

In that spirit, Head Gardener Ashley Edwards of Horatio’s Garden London & South East today appeared on BBC Radio 4’s beloved programmeBBC Gardeners’ Question Time, in order to lend listeners his top tips for making Christmas wreaths. 

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You’ll find Ashley’s piece 13 minutes, 28 seconds into the recording. 

Alternatively, please tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 6th December at 2pm to listen to the repeated programme. 

Throughout the past month, Ashley and Garden Adminstrator, Tracey McCarthy, have been supporting patients to create their own wreaths using foliage from Horatio’s Garden, as well as gently encouraging them to enjoy other festive crafts too. 

Consequently, Ashley has certainly perfected the art and was please to offer his seasonal advice on the show, which has come a long way since the segment began over 60 years ago. 

Now, having answered over 30,000 questions since arriving on airGardeners’ Question Time and its contributing panel has come to be relied upon for great green ideas and for answers to all kinds of horticultural quandaries. 

It’s not the first time they’ve kindly introduced listeners to the charity either. Thanks to the lovely Christine Walkden taking the time to visit Horatio’s Garden Scotland back in 2019, those tuning in will hopefully remember us and be pleased to hear that despite the challenges of 2020, we’re still busy planting hope across the country. 

We’re enormously grateful to BBC Radio 4 for featuring us and hope you enjoy learning from Ashley’s naturally inspired festive advice!