The Fabulous Summer Tea Party

The Fabulous Summer Tea Party Week of 2019 might be over, but there’s nothing to stop you joining Joanna Lumley by taking up your tea pots in 2020! 

We’re asking our supporters to help raise funds that will enable us to continue to grow thriving communities for patients and their loved ones by planning your very own summer tea party between selected dates next June. These will be confirmed in the future, so keep an eye on this area of the website for new information.

By baking up a storm and brewing the nation’s favourite beverage you’ll be part of a nationwide charity tea party and, what’s more, we’ll help you get the whole thing organised by supplying a helpful pack that includes:

  • Invitations that you can personalise and hand out to friends and family;
  • A handy ‘How to Hold a Fabulous Tea Party’ guide which includes amazing recipes from Horatio’s Garden volunteers;
  • A pop-up collection box to keep donations safe and organised;
  • Posters to personalise and spread the word about your party.

All the donations made at your tea party will go directly to the Horatio’s Garden charity, which will help us to create and nurture beautiful garden spaces in NHS spinal injury centres throughout the UK. Each of our gardens will naturally be joining in with the fun by hosting a Fabulous Tea Party all of their own for patients, their loved ones, hospital staff and local supporters. The details of our 2020 Tea Parties will be released soon and we look forward welcoming many of you to the gardens then.

If you would like to host a Horatio’s Garden Fabulous Summer Tea Party next June then all you need to do is request a Tea Party Pack from or fill in the form below – then you too can par-tea with the best of them!

We’ve also got digital versions of the invitation and the poster available to download and print out for yourself, so there’s no limit to the size of Fabulous Tea Party you can arrange! Just click the links below:



And here you can find a handy list of additional fundraising ideas to help you raise even more money at your 2020 Fabulous Tea Party…

  • Hold a Plant Sale – Encourage your friends to source a plant from their garden bring it along to your tea party so you can host a little plant sale
  • The no ‘oohs’ or ‘ahhs’ game – No one is allowed to verbally ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’ at the fansatic cakes on offer at your tea party. Anyone who breaks the rules has to donate 50p to your collection box!
  • Bid on the Baker – Pick the best baker among you who’s willing to offer their culinary services for your next big event (for example a milestone birthday or anniversary) – the highest bidder wins
  • Hold a raffle – A classic, simple, and effective fundraiser
  • Flower Show – Each guest brings their very best plant to your tea party and everyone votes on the best in show with donations – whoever wins gets a prize of your choosing!
  • Gardener’s Question Time – If there’s a gardening expert amongst you, or you know an expert who would be willing to pop along to your tea party, then you can ask everyone for a small donation and in return they’ll have their burning horticultural questions answered

Good Luck!


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