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By supporting the charity with a small, regular donation you will make a huge difference to the lives of patients in spinal injury centres. Your gift will help to create new gardens and run events and activities for patients and their loved ones in each Horatio’s Garden across the UK.

This includes music, art and garden therapy, sculpture exhibitions and artists’ residencies, as well as good food and endless tea! It costs £1,000 per week to nurture these stunning sanctuaries, therefore your contribution makes a real difference. Thanks to your wonderful generosity, we are one step closer to improving the lives of everyone affected by spinal injury.

Everyone who becomes a friend of Horatio’s Garden will receive:

· A Horatio’s Garden lapel badge sent with a letter acknowledging your commitment to the charity. If your regular donation is £10 or more, you’ll also receive one of our bespoke Emma Bridgewater mugs.

· An email invitation to our Annual Friends Lunch. These will be held in each of our gardens and you can select the one you wish to attend.

· A bi-annual, exclusive email containing the latest news from Horatio’s Garden and a few other treats too!

· A unique, personal Christmas Card every year you’re a friend of the charity

· An advance copy of our quarterly newsletter hot off the presses!

· Recognition of your support on our website (if you so wish).

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