Glory of the Garden

February 01 2015

The Pythouse Players will perform an abridged production of ‘Glory in the Garden’ – a celebration of gardens and gardening in music, prose and poetry.

The Pythouse Players were founded in 2014 by Robert Gordon Clark and Lisa Day from Tisbury. For their inaugural site-specific event at Pythouse Kitchen Garden in July 2014, ‘Glory of the Garden’, the Pythouse Players were joined by four of their actor friends from The Questors Theatre, London and by renowned musical director Kate Edgar from Downton who has been involved in a number of successful productions at the Salisbury Playhouse, including ‘Worst Wedding Ever’.

All proceeds from ‘Glory of the Garden’ last year were donated to Horatio’s Garden.

For this abridged performance of ‘Glory of the Garden’ at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre, The Pythouse Players are delighted to welcome new fellow-performers Rebecca Arch and Ceri Hurford-Jones, both also from Downton.


Lunch for patients, friends and relatives and staff at 1pm followed by the performance at 2pm.


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