Artist in Residence

May 16 2014

Lucy Bentley will be Horatio’s Garden artist in residence in May and June 2014. Please come and join Lucy to see her at work, chat or join in.

“The folding shapes, lines, marks and colour in the landscape work their way into my paintings. I enjoy working with relationships, either between objects, or the complexities of human ones. These subjects I often weave into story telling, trying to capture the balance of a moment or the feeling of an atmosphere. Set within distorted perspective, this hopefully adds to the sense of movement and mood in the painting. I like to work with a rich colour mingled with patterns and textures.

I explore emotions, looking at love, joy and sadness. Where ethereal worlds can meet everyday ones. The figures move and fly through their lives teetering on the edge of chaos where harmony and disharmony collide and something of interest is created in between.”

Lucy Bentley

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