Hand group and garden therapy

August 22 2016

Weekly therapeutic hand group and gardening sessions are run in Horatio’s Garden at 2.00pm on Monday afternoons. Run by occupational therapists and supported by the head gardener and volunteers, the sessions are filled with conversation and laughter as well as homemade cakes and tea. Patients, their friends and relatives and staff are all very welcome. Volunteers are available to help patients in beds and wheelchairs to come in to the garden.

Patients can take ownership of a planter and choose seeds or plants to grow in it. The bespoke oak planters are at wheelchair height and on casters so they can be moved into the sun or shade and into the greenhouse in winter.

The head gardener and volunteer gardening team are in Horatio’s Garden all day on Wednesdays and welcome any patients, their friends or relatives who would like to help with tending the garden.


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