Annabelle Santini and her two children recently took part in the 2.6 Challenge in support of Horatio’s Garden!

As many of you will know, the 2.6 Challenge was launched by London Marathon Events in order to mark what would have been the 40th Anniversary of the historic race on Sunday 26th April. Lots of people across the UK took part, including many of our supporters like Annabelle, and we are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you.

Annabelle’s challenge was a special one. Her daughter, Isla, was born with a leg discrepancy and despite only being 10 years old has had nine operations on her left leg. Last year, Isla spent time in a wheelchair with a fixator brace on her leg and recovery has been slow. Annabelle and her family know only too well what long hospital stays are like and have seen first hand how much being outdoors in the fresh air helped Isla’s mental health, wellbeing and recuperation. They can truly appreciate how much Horatio’s Garden helps those spending time in spinal injury centres across the UK.

Due to Isla’s leg, the family weren’t able to go for a long walk, hike or run, so instead they decided to do something simple. The beauty of the 2.6 challenge is that anything goes, so whilst Annabelle did a 2.6 minute plank, Isla and her sibling did 26 star jumps either side of her. As Annabelle said, for Isla even being off crutches was absolutely brilliant and they loved sharing the video of their challenge with all their family and friends.

As the 2.6 event fell within Annabelle’s birthday week too, she’s also encouraged friends and family to donate to the charity in celebration of the occasion. So far, the family have smashed their fundraising target of £260, raising an incredible £326 so far! You can still donate via their JustGiving page if you’d like to, by simply CLICKING HERE.

Thank you so much to Annabelle, Isla and her whole family for supporting Horatio’s Garden, along with everyone who has generously donated to the charity so far this spring. Your kindness is making a real difference.