Alex, known professionally as Clay by Design, has raised a fantastic total of £105 for Horatio’s Garden by taking part in The Great Charity Pot Sale!

Having created three beautiful moon jars, Alex shared her makes on her own Instagram page, which were in turn shared on the Instagram of The Great Charity Pot Sale. Naturally, it wasn’t long before buyers got in touch via the Clay by Design account to express their interest in purchasing the pieces and they were all sold just before 10am.

Founder of the innovative new international fundraising event, ceramicist Lorna Gilbert, will certainly have been busy considering the phenomenal number of people who decided to get involved in the event, which is a testament to her wonderful idea.

In the midst of the pandemic, Lorna was worried for the future of her local charities and the communities they help, so last year she decided to do something to support both independent ceramic artists and benefit local charities. As the mother of a child with Downs Syndrome, she truly understood the value of the support, friendship and kindness offered by her local charity network. She wanted to give back and The Great Charity Pot Sale was the inspirational result.

The very first sale took place on Saturday 30th January, following an overwhelming response from a host of potters and ceramicists who were all enormously enthusiastic about lending their talents to supporting numerous worthwhile charities and causes.

Each participating artist chose a local charity and pieces of ceramic art to sell as part of the event. The pieces were then promoted on Instagram, using the hashtag #thegreatcharitypotsale and on The Great Charity Pot Sale’s Instagram page and thanks to everyone involved the occasion gained a great deal of interest.

Among those following and supporting the event were some familiar faces, including Kate Malone, Keith Brymer Jones and Sue Pryke, who all upon hearing about the Sale generously supported the event by offering fellow passionate potters the chance to donate in exchange for one of their masterful pieces.

We are thrilled to have seen the event go from strength to strength and are enormously grateful to Alex, or rather Clay by Design, for making us her chosen charity. It’s certainly been a privilege to be involved with something that has captured the hearts of so many.