August 05 2021

rebecca’s dartmoor run for horatio’s garden

Rebecca Millington was a friend of Horatio Chapple’s and was with him when a polar bear attacked their camp during their expedition to Svalbard. 

This year, on 5th August, it was 10 years since Horatio lost his life. 

Thoughtfully, as a way to remember him and to give herself space and time to feel her own grief and trauma, Rebecca decided to spend the day doing a big run (and a little walking) across Dartmoor. 

With the day meaning so much to her, she felt it was important to also raise money for Horatio’s Garden. Wonderfully, she’s successfully raised over £600 for the charity, whilst she’s also generously committed to matching donations up to a total of £100.

Rebecca is enormously grateful to everyone who has lent their support, whether that be by donating or by simply joining her on a training run.  

We share her gratitude and would also like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Rebecca for being so considerate in helping Horatio’s vibrant legacy live on.

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