new hall hospital’s horatio’s garden slimathon!

As the old saying goes, ‘there’s a first time for everything’ and this September The Spinal Team at New Hall Hospital have decided to embark upon the inaugural Horatio’s Garden Slimathon! 

To donate to the New Hall Slimathon team, please click here 

Beginning on Monday 6th September, the team plan to lose a fair few pounds over the course of 12 weeks, with their aim being to reach both an individual and collective weight loss target. 

Taking on the challenge will be Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr Steve Cockroft, along with four fellow Consultant Spine Surgeons, including Horatio’s father and charity trustee, Mr David Chapple, Mr Paul Davies, Mr Andrew Hilton and Mr Mike Hutton.

Together they’ll be posting regular weekly updates about how they’re getting on as group with their weight loss (or indeed gain, depending on how they cope)! 

The team’s friends, families and colleagues are certainly interested to see how they fare and we reckon plenty of people will be as intrigued as we are in the five’s humourous fundraiser. 

Whilst you’re welcome to donate as much or as little as you like in support of the group, they’re encouraging everyone to give per pound of weight loss they achieve throughout the 12 weeks. Their fundraising target is £1,000, so there’s a lot for everyone to do between now and Monday 29th November!

To donate to the New Hall Slimathon team, please click here 

We wish the whole team lots of luck and will definitely look forward to seeing their lost pounds becoming the charity’s gain! 

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