The sun shone on the Wells’ family and friends as Mary held an absolutely Fabulous Summer Tea Party that would most definitely have made Joanna Lumley proud! 

A small gathering came together in Mary’s garden for the event, with lots of people sharing that they were really touched and impressed by the charity, as well as by Mary’s efforts to make the afternoon memorable. Her wonderful display introducing Horatio’s Garden was commented upon by many, with everyone appreciating the way in which it explained her husband’s and her family’s connection to the charity. 

There were of course plenty of refreshing beverages, with an impressive amount of tea featuring, as well as a delicious array of homemade cakes that turned out to be irresistible to everyone who popped along to enjoy the occasion. 

Alongside catering for the people in attendance, Mary also thoughtfully took the time to make something special for everyone’s favourite four-legged friends! To mark her own dog’s first birthday, she created enough ‘Dotty’s Dog Biscuits’ to treat every pair of paws and they proved to be just as popular as the cakes were with her gathered guests. 

Mary had also crafted a selection of lavender bags and hand-painted a collection of pebbles too, which were all available for people to take home with them in exchange for a small donation. Being as beautiful as her garden, the temptation was too great for many and almost everyone went home with a few little mementoes of the day. 

Together they helped Mary to raise over £250, a truly fantastic total and one which will make such a difference to countless people currently adjusting to life with a spinal injury. 

We are enormously grateful to Mary, her family and her friends and hope you savour seeing her photos of the day just as much as we did!