Good luck to Edinburgh University’s Ned Hillsborough and Mungo Fawcett AKA ‘Starsky and Hitch’ and Susanna Kid and Alice Thomas who are doing the Hitchhike2Paris today for Horatio’s Garden.

Ned said “Mungo and I will be competing in this race to raise money for Horatio’s Garden, a charity which has become very dear to us since our friend Digby Guthe suffered from a tragic accident this summer. He suffered incomplete damage to his spinal cord and is now permanently in the James Cook Spinal Injuries unit in Middlesbrough. Having seen Digby in James Cook, the importance of charities like Horatio’s Garden become paramount – I can wholly understand how these beautiful scented gardens give respite to Digby and many others from the smells, sounds and sights from their hospital beds.”

Susanna and Alice were at school with Horatio’s brothers and said ” We have chosen Horatio’s Garden, an incredible charity that builds beautiful accessible gardens in NHS spinal centres. Anything that you can donate will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

Thanks to everyone who is supporting them so generously.

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