The Hale and Woodgreen Horticultural Society very kindly opened eleven gardens in Woodgreen as part of their ‘Beyond the Garden Gate’ event on Sunday 9th June, helping to raise money for Horatio’s Garden. 

The day offered visitors the chance to explore the private gardens of the society’s members, all of which are quite the spectacle and evidently real labours of love. The society only hold this event biennially, so this truly was a rare chance to get up-close and personal with these glorious gardens.  

There were also some delightful refreshments available in the Woodgreen Village Hall, which visitors made extremely short work of!

The Society was founded in 1923 with the aim of combining the skills, expertise and enthusiasm of accomplished and novice gardeners alike in the adjacent Hampshire villages of Hale and Woodgreen. Almost 100 years later the society continues to do just that, as well as offering a variety of interesting and informative events, raising significant funds for charities, and most importantly having fun! 

Horatio’s Garden is just one of the charities that the Society are supporting this year, and we are so grateful to everyone who popped along for helping the group to raise as much as possible.