We’re encouraging you to ease yourself into the New Year on a fun, positive note by joining in with our ‘Fill a Flower Pot’ fundraiser! 

It couldn’t be easier to get involved and everyone at home can take part. Simply see how quickly you can fill your flower pot with loose change, tip it out, count it up and donate your total by simply clicking the link below. 

Please click here to donate to our Fill a Flower Pot JustGiving page 

Patients with spinal injuries are among the few groups of people who still spend long periods of time in hospital. They face extended stays adjusting to traumatic, life-changing injuries, whilst their families and friends often have to travel across vast distances to visit their loved one in the spinal centre. 

Last year was a difficult one for us all, but for everyone affected by spinal injury these past months have been extraordinarily challenging.  

Fortunately, Horatio’s Garden has been there as a lifeline for patients, their loved ones and NHS staff throughout the Coronavirus pandemic as a result of your continued generosity. 

The charity relies entirely on donations and with five gardens open, a sixth being built this year and a seventh in the planning, your kindness is more vital than ever. 

We are so grateful to every single one of you for your support and whilst your ‘Fill a Flower Pot’ pennies may not feel like much, they will most certainly add up. 

Please click here to donate to our Fill a Flower Pot JustGiving page 

With your help, we’ll be one step closer to achieving our mission of planting hope in each of the 11 NHS spinal injury centres across the UK. 

Thank you so much. 

I don’t know what I would have done without it. Just being able to go outside again was amazing for me. Horatio’s Garden couldn’t be my wilderness, but it could be my home until I was ready to go back and face my own.