June 15 2020

claire martin’s at home superhero challenge!

Claire Martin recently completed a 20km cycle as part of the At Home Superhero Challenge, which replaced the Superhero Triathlon that was due to take place this summer!

To donate to Claire via JustGiving, please click here. 

The Superhero Series was founded by Paralympian Sophia Warner, who wanted to give people with all kinds of disabilities the chance to enjoy sport, feel confident and come together with like-minded individuals. As such, everyone taking part in the challenges can do so with any equipment they like and there’s the opportunity to complete races solo, in a relay with family and friends, or with a sidekick throughout.

Claire has cauda equina syndrome, a spinal cord injury caused by damage to nerve endings at the bottom of her spine, which was the result of an undiagnosed spinal tumour haemorrhaging during the birth of her son. After emergency surgery, she spent four months in hospital undergoing rehabilitation and shared that she would have loved to have had access to a garden during her recovery.

Consequently, Claire threw herself at the opportunity to fundraise for Horatio’s Garden! Every day last week she took to the static bike in her living room to make up the 20km distance, raising an incredible total of over £1,800 for the charity (and counting)!

Some of you may have noticed that Claire has completed her At Home Superhero Challenge a little earlier than planned, which is due to the fact that Claire has recently returned to hospital for further spinal surgery. She has truly gone to great lengths to support Horatio’s Garden this summer, so please continue giving generously via the link below.

If you would like to donate via JustGiving, please CLICK HERE. 

We are enormously grateful to Claire for all her amazing support and wish her and her family all the very best for the coming weeks and beyond.

To find out more about the Superhero Series, please CLICK HERE. 

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