Thank you so much to Anne Widdop for taking part in a triathlon on Sunday the 24th September.

A close member of Anne’s family was treated at the Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and has seen the great work done in the hospital and in the garden. 

Anne said:

“The effort people with spinal injuries put in – with 4 hours of physio a day, 5 days a week, crying in pain and struggling to do even the simplest of tasks that able bodied people take for granted. And that’s just the physical side of a spinal injury, the impact mentally is unimaginable for most of us. The people I have met have been a real inspiration. Their strength, determination and will to live is truly awesome.

One of the saving graces about spending so much time in a hospital has been Horatio’s Garden which is staffed and managed by volunteers. It provides a green, peaceful space to help rehabilitate.”

If you want to take part in a triathlon, hold a bake sale or even skydive for Horatio’s Garden click here to get involved