The very first Horatio’s Garden Fabulous Summer Tea Party Week is now over and we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by your response. You’ve baked and brewed like never before, and have certainly proven yourselves capable of being able to par-tea with the best of them! 

We were absolutely thrilled to hear that an incredible 67 Fabulous Summer Tea Parties were held across the country, with many people welcoming loved ones to their homes and gardens for a celebration of tea, cake, and most importantly, friendship. 

It’s been wonderful to hear from our brilliant hosts throughout the week, who have all helped to raise thousands of pounds for the charity. Every penny donated by all your incredibly generous tea party guests will help us to continue to improve the lives of everyone affected by spinal injury. 

To read more about our supporters’ Fabulous Summer Tea Parties, please visit the News page by clicking here. 

We’ve also seen a phenomenal turnout at the Fabulous Tea Parties held in our Stoke Mandeville, Scotland and Salisbury gardens. It’s been marvellous to welcome both old and new supporters to the charity, and we’ve loved seeing patients introducing their families to Horatio’s Garden throughout the week. 

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported each of our events in the gardens. By volunteering, donating, sponsoring and offering your artistic talents, you’ve made every single one of our tea parties a truly unforgettable event. Patients, their loved ones, hospital staff and local supporters have all readily joined in with the fun and we hope the memory of our first national fundraising event will be one that we all cherish for many years to come. 

We look forward to seeing the Fabulous Summer Tea Party continue to flourish next year. With your continued support, Horatio’s Garden will be able to continue to create and nurture beautiful spaces throughout the UK and grow thriving communities to support patients, their families, and their friends. 

To see more photos from all of the Horatio’s Garden Tea Parties, please visit the Gallery by clicking here.