The 2.6 Challenge is a new ‘stay at home’ fundraising initiative organised by London Marathon Events and everyone can get involved! 

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Sunday 26th April would have marked the 40th anniversary race of the Virgin Money London Marathon, which is the world’s biggest one-day fundraising event. As such, the event’s organisers felt that it was important to find a creative way to make up the difference and help charities through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Using the date when the London Marathon would have taken place as inspiration, the 2.6 challenge is all about doing anything you like – as long as the number ‘2.6’ or ‘26’ features in some way as part of your activity! 


We’re encouraging all of you to take part on Sunday 26th April, but if you can’t quite squeeze your challenge in then, you have until Wednesday 30th April to take part! Most importantly, remember to share photos of you completing your challenge and be sure to tag @horatiosgarden along with #TwoPointSixChallenge to encourage others too! 

As a result of the Coronavirus crisis, patients with spinal injuries are facing increasing social isolation as visits to the spinal centres are being limited, as well as additional fears of the effect of the virus to them. By taking part in the 2.6 challenge, you’ll be ensuring we can continue to offer them a safe garden sanctuary away from the ward. 

Below are a few ideas we’ve come up with, but you’re welcome to do whatever challenge you like (as long as it’s within current government guidelines). 

Our Top 2.6 Challenge Ideas

• Plant two seeds/plants in six minutes– A fabulous test of your horticultural prowess!

• 2.6 minute plank challenge – A good one for our young supporters! Simply plank for 2 minutes, share a photo to your Instagram story, nominate 6 new people and donate whatever you can.

• 260 Hundred Pilates Challenge – Find out more about how to do the pilates hundred by CLICKING HERE.

• Bake 26 cakes – No encouragement needed!

• Squat for 26 minutes –Ouch…

• Read 26 pages of your favourite book OR read your favourite book for 26 minutes – You decide!

• Walk 2.6 miles with your dog – A nice relaxing challenge.

There’s no limit on age or ability and already the challenge has attracted the attention of various celebrities, including Olympic gold-medal hockey player Helen Richardson-Walsh and DJ Trevor Nelson.  

It’s an opportunity for everyone to be a home hero and come together to help people across the UKPatients currently spending time in hospital need the support of Horatio’s Garden more than ever, so please help us to continue to offer them kindness, calm and tranquillity in these incredibly difficult times. 

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To find out more about the 2.6 Challenge, simply CLICK HERE.