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March 24 2021

evie redwood guides us through monoprinting with nature

Some of you will recognise the artist behind today’s Arty Afternoon video as Evie Redwood, our very own Arts Programme Coordinator! 

To watch and be inspired, please click on the ‘Play’ button below 

Evie Redwood's Video 

Evie joined Horatio’s Garden at the beginning of March, with her position funded by The Rank Foundation’s brilliant Time to Shine programme. Despite this only being her third week in her new role, already Evie has been busy putting her creative talents to wonderful use and has proven to be a lovely, thoughtful addition to the team. 

As someone who has always enjoyed art, Evie decided to study the subject at college and then proceeded to take her learning further by completing her degree at Arts University Bournemouth. She is currently settled in the very same seaside town, where she continues to create socially engaged work, which is frequently inspired by her simply taking the time to talk to people. 

Alongside working across different mediums herself, from print and film, to photography and sound, Evie also has an interest in the relationship between arts and wellbeing and is passionate about offering everyone the opportunity to pursue creativity. 

This, combined with her love of the sea, beach and all things natural, made Evie the perfect fit for the charity and also informed her video, which focusses on monoprinting with materials which can be found just beyond your front door. 

Having been inspired by Clare Baskerville’s sustainable art video last week, Evie decided to visit Horatio’s Garden South West to collect a variety of foliage so that she could experiment with printing each spring, twig and leaf. 

Her gentle video guides everyone through how to print, the bits and bobs you need, how long your prints need to dry and, most importantly, a host of ideas as to how you can share your work with those closest to you. 

As Evie will tell you, texture plays a crucial part in monoprinting, something she considered when exploring our garden in Salisbury for elements she could use in her work. 

Nevertheless, the process of monoprinting is all about experimenting, whether that be with the colour of your ink, different kinds of paper, or with the items you’ve collected. For Evie and for everyone who gives it a go, it’s simply an opportunity to explore a myriad of possibilities whilst having fun with working out which materials produce your desired results. 

Over time and as you become familiar with monoprinting, you can use all that you’ve learned from this process of trial and error to inform your printing, becoming ever more imaginative with your patterns along the way. 

“There’s no right or wrong way to do this,” Evie shares and we think you’ll agree that it’s both calming and intriguing in equal measure to see where her exploration takes her. 

We’re so grateful to Evie for taking the time to create her Arty Afternoon and it’s a delight to be able to share it with all of you too!

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