Avid listeners of Candide’s podcast, Fresh from the Pod, hosted by Tamsin Westhorpe, will have heard that today’s guest was none other than our Founder & Chair of Trustees, Dr Olivia Chapple!

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The podcast is all about Tamsin meeting and chatting about the gardening adventures of various inspirational people, with previous guests including Carol Klein, Ann-Marie Powell and of course, James Alexander-Sinclair.

Tamsin gave the charity and Olivia a lovely, heartfelt introduction, before beginning the two’s chat, which began with an introduction to Horatio’s Garden and the work that we do.

Throughout the 45 minute episode, Tamsin and Olivia deftly moved through various subjects, ranging from Olivia’s personal experiences of being in the gardens and leading the charity, to discussing the positive impact each Horatio’s Garden has had on the lives of patients and their loved ones across the UK.

In the interview, Tamsin expressed her interest in the garden’s beautiful, accessible designs and indeed in the designers themselves, marvelling at how Olivia has successfully managed to engage so many top landscape architects with the charity. Naturally, Olivia replied that being gardeners themselves, all the designers immediately understand the importance of what Horatio’s Garden aims to do. In short, they want to help because they are as passionate as we are about bringing the benefits of gardens to as many people as possible.

The episode also touched upon the charity beginning with the ideas and research of Horatio Chapple, Olivia’s son, and the story that led to the creation of our first garden in Salisbury. Tamsin asked various thoughtful questions about how the charity continues to be Horatio’s vibrant legacy, with Olivia sharing that Horatio would have been delighted to know that his ideas were making such a difference to people across the country every single day.

Tamsin also shared a memory of her own, recalling when she first became aware of the charity at an event held in Yeo Valley. She said she distinctly remembered meeting our Executive Trustee, Victoria Holton, and that her positivity and quiet enthusiasm for all that we do was remarkable. In reply, Olivia shared that Victoria herself spent 19 months in the spinal centre in Salisbury prior to there being a garden and that without her, Horatio’s Garden simply wouldn’t be the charity it is today.

There are many more wonderful stories to be discovered in the episode itself, so if you would like to listen please click on the link below.

To listen, please click here

We are so grateful to Tamsin and Candide for inviting Olivia to be on the podcast and hope you enjoy it as you potter around your own gardens at home.