Her Salisbury Story is a community project dedicated to celebrating Salisbury women of the past and present, with this week marking the release of their new interview with our Founder & Chair of Trustees, Dr Olivia Chapple. 

To listen to Olivia’s interview, please click here 

Olivia was nominated to feature and contribute to the society’s archives, with the idea behind the collection being to share the inspiring stories and achievements of women who have made a difference to the city, or indeed the wider community. It’s an opportunity to meet and hear from builders, cutlers, publicans, doctors, gardeners, artists, authors or anyone who’s made an uplifting contribution to the world. 

All the articles written about historic women are crafted by and researched by volunteers, whilst the project’s interviews and podcasts have also been recorded by those generously giving up their time to the venture. 

In Olivia’s thoughtful interview, which was conducted by Jenny Hair, she shares more about her early life, how she and her family initially moved around the country (and further afield!) after she qualified as a doctor, and how the support of her family and friends helped her to establish a thriving legacy for her eldest son, Horatio Chapple.  

We are delighted to have been part of Her Salisbury Story and hope that in addition to appreciating Olivia’s narrative and her insights regarding the transformative impact of nature, you’ll also enjoy discovering many more tales that deserve to be told.