downloadable fundraising pack & additional fundraising ideas

Below you’ll find digital downloads of all the materials you’ll need to start your Fabulous Summer Tea Party in style!

A4 Tea Party Poster

A5 Tea Party Flyer

A6 Tea Party Invite

‘How to Host’ Tea Party Guide

Tea Party FAQs

Tea Party JustGiving Page Guide


We’ve also put together a handy list of additional fundraising ideas to help you raise even more money at your Fabulous Summer Tea Party!

No ‘Oohs’ or ‘Ahhs’ Game

No one is allowed to verbally ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’ at the fantastic treats you and your guests have made in honour of your tea party. Anyone who breaks the rules has to donate an extra 50p each time!

Bid on the Baker

Ask the best baker among you if they’d be willing to offer their culinary services for your next big event, such as a milestone birthday or anniversary. If they’re happy to help, the highest bidder wins.

Hold a Raffle

A classic, simple, effective fundraiser.

Flower Show

Each guest shows off their very best plant at your tea party and everyone votes on the ‘Best in Show’ with a donation. Whoever wins can relish eternal glory, or a prize of your choosing!

Gardeners’ Question Time

If there’s a gardening expert among you, or you know an expert who would be willing to join your tea party, then you can ask everyone for a small donation and in return everyone can have their burning horticultural questions answered.


Enjoy partying!

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