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Give in Memory

Donating or fundraising in someone’s memory is a special and thoughtful way to remember your loved one. 

We are always incredibly moved and grateful when we receive donations in honour of someone’s life. If you would like to support Horatio’s Garden by giving in memory, below you will find a few different ways you can help.

One way of raising money in memory of your loved one is by directing people to our website (www.horatiosgarden.org.uk) and telling them to click the ‘Donate’ button in the top right corner of the page. Here, your family and friends will be able to make their contribution. 

Lots of people choose to set up a JustGiving page dedicated to their loved one, which you can do by CLICKING HERE. This is a wonderful way to encourage friends and family to celebrate their life, whilst also helping others at the same time. 

If you would like some support setting up your JustGiving page, please click the following link: Giving in Memory on JustGiving.

Similarly, you may like to collect donations at a funeral or memorial. We have donation envelopes that we can send to you if you wish, which you can request by writing to us at our registered address or by emailing info@horatiosgarden.org.uk. 

You may also have decided to take on a fundraising challenge in memory of your loved one, which is a wonderful tribute and a special way to remember someone. Setting up a JustGiving page explaining why you’re completing your challenge is a lovely way to begin collecting donations. Again, please CLICK HERE to set up your page and please click the following link if you would like more advice about setting up your JustGiving page: Giving in Memory on JustGiving. 

Thank you. 

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