Despite the inclement weather, artist Claire Waltier MacGillivray’s residency in Horatio’s Garden Midlands has been going wonderfully, with her third session due to take place this Tuesday from 12pm – 5pm. 

Her second week as artist in residence brought the challenge of torrential rain, but whilst she was unable to sit outside to paint, Claire was still able to appreciate the garden in all its springtime glory from the cosy and comfortable garden room.


It was here that she encouraged the handful of patients brave enough to venture out into the elements to embrace their creativity, primarily using her preferred medium of watercoloursWith the group safely gathering around her, plenty of people enjoyed chatting with Claire about her work and expressed their intrigue as to where Horatio’s Garden was likely to lead her artistically throughout the next few weeks. 

One particular patient was also very keen to try painting himself and was really pleased with the watercolour washes he created. With Claire on hand to offer some of her professional insights, the two talked about watercolours’ varied uses and what he could do with his work moving forward, which he plans to continue when Claire returns to the garden each week. 

Besides inspiring others, Claire has also been busy creating a few pieces of her own, all of which have been influenced by the sanctuary. Her most recent addition took the form of one of her signature worksheets, where she tests out her ideas for larger pieces, capturing a rather gorgeous Goldfinch; a frequent flyer to the garden, one who can often be found flitting in and out of the Osmanthus trees. 

We’re so pleased Claire is enjoying her residency so far and that plenty of visitors to the garden appreciate her calm, welcoming and friendly presence. It’ll be exciting to see a new kind of creativity thriving in Horatio’s Garden Midlands for the foreseeable future!