Tamsin Loveday is lending her creative talents to our Arty Afternoons series this week, with a gorgeous video which guides you through how to make your very own Winter Garden Book. 

To watch and follow along, please click on the ‘Play’ button below


As she shares in her recording, Tamsin likes to make art by any means necessary. She is primarily a Print, Multidisciplinary and Book Artist, with a passion for sharing her skills and ideas by teaching various workshops. She is also a part of the brilliant Plain Arts Salisbury group and graduated from the Winchester School of Art in 2009. 

Her gentle video takes us on a visit to her own garden, where Tamsin first experiences the natural elements that she goes on to turn into a little artist’s book. 

Whilst it may appear that very little is happening in the garden in February, there are in fact many beautiful winter plants to be found. Tamsin mentions that she deliberately keeps her garden wild, with the layers of foliage interesting her just as much as the snowdrops, hellebores and holly bushes blissfully braving the cold. 

Once back in the cosy, Tamsin begins to quietly consider all that she observed in the garden and encourages everyone to do the same, as creating your picture book is all about capturing the feeling of being in the garden you just visited. 

Being a firm believer in happy accidents and using whatever materials you have nearby, Tamsin emphasises that “the beauty of this is that you can’t get it wrong.”  

Her artistic style isn’t about painting a perfect picture of the garden, instead being much more about playing by building up layers of texture and colour until something starts to happen on the page. It’s simply a lovely, mindful way of tapping into the feelings of being in the garden and appreciating the sights, sounds and smells of nature. 

Tamsin takes you through how to transform your piece into a little book, thus creating a keepsake of your journey through the garden, which will always remind you of the crisp seasonal air and the abundance of treasures thriving in the crunchy earth. 

We are so grateful to Tamsin for creating her thoughtful, relaxing video and hope you’re looking forward to whiling away a few hours engrossed in the natural world.