The St Thomas’s Church Annual Christmas Tree Festival is once again in full swing in Salisbury and our wonderful volunteers have generously spent time creating another festive masterpiece as part of over 90 creative entries submitted from across the city.

Volunteers Sheila, Nicky and Wendy brought the Horatio’s Garden tree to life, with help from patients who have been embracing the season in our South West sanctuary. With every element naturally inspired and crafted by hand, everyone involved enjoyed lending their talents to the winter project. 

Every year the Christmas Tree Festival attracts both people local to Salisbury and those who make a special trip simply to visit the event. Organisations, charities, businesses, schools and individuals all enter with their ingenious trees, which are often a reflection of their interests and enterprises. 

This year it will be open to the public in St Thomas’s Church from Tuesday 30th November to Sunday 5th December, with music and Christmas workshops featuring as part of the celebrations throughout the week. Whilst the occasion may be short, the trees will continue to spread Christmas cheer throughout Salisbury, with each tree set to return to and be displayed in its original home. 

Our tree will therefore be arriving back in Horatio’s Garden South West very soon, where it will be brightening up the garden room and lending a touch of seasonal magic to patients, their loved ones and NHS staff alike. 

We’re so grateful to our volunteers and to everyone who has played their part in creating our St Thomas’s Church Christmas Tree this year and hope all those visiting the Festival will love it just as much as we do!