The Tree Council are running National Tree Week from Saturday 28th November to Sunday 6th December and we’re joining in!

Working together for the love of trees is something The National Tree Council are passionate about. They’re committed to bringing people together at a national and local level in order to care for trees, in turn helping to look after the planet’s future.

National Tree Week is therefore all about celebrating woodlands and the beauty of all trees, no matter how great or small. The Week has acknowledged the start of every tree planting season since 1975, marking the beginning of annual efforts to establish millions of seeds and saplings across the UK.

As a result of Coronavirus restrictions, this year the occasion looks a little different, with The Tree Council offering a free online programme of arts and culture events in order to make people feel #TreelyConnected. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful week, with plenty of like-minded people joining forces in support of these incredible natural entities.

As part of the Week’s wider reach, our very own Head Gardeners recently collaborated with each other to write about the trees that have captured their hearts in Horatio’s Garden.

The piece, The Silent Solace of Trees, has since appeared on the National Garden Scheme website to help raise awareness of the organisation’s new partnership with The Woodland Trust.

Together, the two are running an ongoing campaign in support of The Tree Council’s, which intends to promote a wider understanding and appreciation of trees within both wild and domestic settings.

With both the National Garden Scheme and The Woodland Trust identifying trees as being vital in the fight back against both climate and nature emergencies, we’re incredibly proud to have formed a foundational part of this brilliant, worthwhile movement.

If you would like to read the thoughtful article penned by our wonderful Head Gardeners, please click here