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June 12 2019

cecil’s volunteering story

Today we’re featuring Cecil, who below tells the story of how he came to volunteer at Horatio’s Garden Salisbury. It’s a short, but immensely uplifting tale which we hope you enjoy reading.


For many years I have been a patient of Mr Chapple’s at Salisbury District. Over the years I have had many spinal surgeries under different consultants. In 2012 I underwent major spinal surgery and I honestly did not know whether I would be able to walk again. The path back was long and painful. Mr Chapple showed such kindness, support and compassion. 

I then heard about the fundraising for the garden at Salisbury and I knew that I wanted to get involved. I needed to say thank you to Mr Chapple, I needed a purpose and I knew that in my situation, walking with crutches, and having had so much spinal surgery, I could offer something unique to the charity. I have not looked back. I was so nervous on my first day, but everyone was so welcoming. I love what the charity stands for, I love that it makes a direct impact on the lives of the spinal patients. It gives me a purpose and a feeling of belonging. The garden lifts my spirits and I know the patients feel the same.


We are so grateful to Cecil for sharing his unique and inspiring story with all of us. 

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