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August 30 2019

bunny guinness on bbc radio shropshire

Bunny Guinness was recently joined in Horatio’s Garden Oswestry by BBC Shropshire’s very own Paul Shuttleworth, who was asking her all about the designs of our latest garden. 

Despite bringing gardens to life for more than 40 years, Bunny shared that she’s always surprised by her gardens when exploring them for the first time. She told listeners that after spending years meticulously designing every aspect of a garden, it’s inevitably exciting to see the finished article. 

Both Paul and Bunny pointed out the unique elements of the garden, such as it being rare to have a totally flat garden, which is naturally key to ensuring the accessibility of this gorgeous space. The two also discussed how having seasonal planting is hugely important, as many patients and their loved ones spend months in hospital, therefore its vital that something is always happening in the garden. 

In that spirit, the two also touched upon how valuable the garden room is, complete with woodburning stove and plenty of tea and cake, so that there’s always somewhere for people to retreat to should they need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the ward. With various other thoughtful features mentioned at length too, as well as Bunny’s approach to designing this very singular garden, it’s well worth a listen. 

Paul Shuttleworth will also be live from Horatio’s Garden Oswestry on Sunday 8th September from 11-3pm, when he will be chatting with Head Gardener Imogen Jackson, our brand new volunteer team, and a host of patients and their families. We hope you’ll tune in! 

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