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September 21 2021

bbc radio wiltshire visit us at rhs chelsea!

It was lovely to welcome the team from BBC Radio Wiltshire to our RHS Chelsea Flower Show tradestand on Press Day yesterday, who were marking the eagerly anticipated return of the event by hearing from people usually based across the county. 

To listen again on BBC Sounds, please click here 

You’ll find the feature at 1:49:37 – 1:54:50 

As part of the station’s afternoon programme, presented by James Thomas, Horatio’s Garden was featured thanks to reporter Rebecca Rooney, who asked many thoughtful questions throughout her artful interview. 

Chatting with Founder & Chair of Trustees, Dr Olivia Chapple, and Executive Trustee, Victoria Holton, Rebecca introduced the two with a mention of a few celebrity visits which had taken place that morning. 

Both charity ambassador Anneka Rice and supporter Jo Whiley had ventured to see us on Cross Way (map location CW313) just prior to Rebecca joining us, two of the many VIPs who generously popped by to show their support over the course of the day (something you’ll be able to read all about next week)! 

As well as the thrilling happenings at Chelsea, the three also discussed how the charity is based in and began in Salisbury, but that it has rapidly become a national organisation determined to plant hope in all 11 NHS spinal injury centres across the UK. It’s a goal we’re coming ever closer to achieving, with five gardens open, building taking place in Cardiff as we speak, designs being developed for Horatio’s Garden Northern Ireland and the exciting revelation that our eighth sanctuary will be in Sheffield! 

Rebecca spent time speaking with Victoria about her personal story too and how this inspired Victoria to become involved with the charity at the very beginning. Having spent a year and a half in the spinal centre at Salisbury District Hospital without the luxury of having a Horatio’s Garden or being able to go outside, she felt the charity’s mission was absolutely vital, knowing from experience that it would make an incredible difference to people spending time on the ward, their families and their friends.


To listen again on BBC Sounds, please click here 

You’ll find the feature at 1:49:37 – 1:54:50

Together they discussed the vast catchment areas of each of the spinal injury centres, emphasising the enormous distances people often have to travel to see their loved ones in hospital. Indeed, people staying in the spinal centre in Salisbury often come from as far away as Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Horatio’s Garden therefore makes a huge difference to everyone affected by spinal injury. 

Returning to speaking with Olivia, she shared that her eldest son and the inspiration behind the charity, Horatio Chapple, would have been 27 this year, marking 10 years since Olivia and her family first established his vibrant legacy. As Rebecca and Olivia acknowledge, it continues to thrive and thanks to an ever-growing collection of supporters across the generations who appreciate the immense value of gardens and the natural world, we hope it will continue to do so far into the future. 

To listen again on BBC Sounds, please click here 

You’ll find the feature at 1:49:37 – 1:54:50

We’re so grateful to the BBC Radio Wiltshire team for featuring us and fingers crossed they’re enjoying the return of RHS Chelsea just as much as we are! 

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