On Sunday 8th September we were joined in our brand new garden by Paul Shuttleworth and Margaret Thrower for a very special live broadcast from Horatio’s Garden Oswestry.

The team spent three hours hosting their programme from the comfort of our surprisingly sunny garden, with Paul safely nested in one of the secluded bays so that the space could continue to be appreciated by everyone regardless of whether they were involved in the broadcast.

Thanks the the dedication of our volunteers the garden was looking its absolute best, which was something Margaret Thrower noted as soon as she set foot in the space. She commented on how the garden was clearly flourishing and gave a lovely, appreciative description to offer listeners an insight into the beauty of her surroundings.

Both Margaret and Paul were enthusiastic too about hearing about how Horatio’s Garden has made a positive impact on numerous lives. They spoke with various members of NHS staff working in the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries, as well as current patients and volunteers, who all gave lovely interviews expressing the value of the garden. Designer Bunny Guinness was also in attendance, visiting especially to offer listeners her unique perspective on the process of bringing the garden to life.