One of the many wonderful things about our artists in residence is that they not only give everyone spending time in the garden the opportunity to embrace their creativity, but also give all of us the chance to discover some truly fantastic artists.


One person currently painting with Horatio’s Garden South West artist in residence, Katy McIntyre Brown, designer of our Meadow Flower Tea Towel and Honeysuckle & Tulip Laptray, is among the talented group of creatives we’ve had the privilege of coming across. 

He’s been regularly attending with a friend and fellow patient, with Katy sharing that it’s been great to work with them both.


This week, the secret artist continued to be enormously enthusiastic about being able to join Katy and added another piece to his collection of beautiful work.


He and Katy chatted as they painted, with him sharing that he’s come to see his spinal injury as something that’s opening new doors. He mentioned how much he appreciates all the people he’s met whilst spending time in Horatio’s Garden, knowing he wouldn’t necessarily have encountered them otherwise. He also kindly told her that he’s loved being able to once again take up painting, something he wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t come to our South West sanctuary. 

Katy was naturally inspired by his perspective, as are we. 

An amazing man and an equally brilliant artist, he was passionate along with the rest of the gathered group about continuing to focus their pieces around an autumn theme. Katy has collected apples, squashes and dried seed heads in preparation for their upcoming sessions, all of which make good creative subjects, whilst they also prompt intriguing conversation. 

The artists have also discovered it’s both fun and interesting to use the subjects as artistic materials too, with everyone enjoying exploring the effects they create on paper. 

We’ve loved lots of Katy’s stories throughout her residency and are looking forward to hearing many more like this over the next few weeks!