Whoever said you couldn’t have a barbeque in October?!

The weather was uncommonly kind to Horatio’s Garden Scotland last weekend as patients, families, friends and staff gathered in the garden to celebrate the beginning of autumn in style. A brilliant crowd came together for the afternoon and it was lovely to see so many people catching up and having fun amongst nature.

The afternoon was full of foodie treats, including herb salad and coleslaw made from red cabbage that was all grown in the garden. This year we’ve seen a bumper harvest in the garden and everyone was enthusiastic about enjoying the fruits of another year’s labour at long last!

The event was supported by a great team of volunteers, Lorna, Linda, Fergus and Chris who all worked really hard to make the afternoon special for patients and families. We also loved the performance by MALKA, who is an altpop artist and has recently released her new single ‘Taking It Back’. Each of you made the event a huge success, which was enjoyed by patients and their loved ones alike.

“A tremendous afternoon and much-needed respite for my father-in-law. Our family very much appreciate the efforts of the volunteers. Thank you.”