If you’ve happened upon a copy of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine this month then you may very well have encountered Head Gardener of Horatio’s Garden London & South East, Ashley Edwards! 

Ashley is one of the magazine’s writers, alongside being one of our talented Head Gardeners, and this month he’s featuring alongside Emma Crawforth, David Hurrion and Humaira Ikram as part of the publication’s ‘Creative Containers Masterclass’. 

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Each of the four have created easy-to-follow videos that will help you to take your pots to the next level, offering an insight into the fundamental dos and don’ts of creating fabulously floral displays at home. 

The one-hour workshop can be paused, rewound and viewed at any time, so you can indulge in spot of potting whenever it suits you! The video is packed with expert advice, as well as a whole lot of inspiration, covering all the container queries you could possible imagine; from choosing composts and general planting know-how to making informed plant selections depending on whether you’re growing for the season, for scent, for sound, for texture, or for food. 

Following the response Ashley’s received to his regular BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time segments, we’re certain everyone will enjoy learning and listening to him as he and his fellow container contributors share their top notch knowledge! 

We’re delighted to be part of the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine family and remember to share photos of your pretty pots with us if you give the Masterclass a go by simply tagging @horatiosgarden on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

To watch and find out more, please click here