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February 3 2021

arty afternoons with digital artist olivia tuppen

This week we’ve been incredibly lucky to receive three Arty Afternoons videos from 2D/3D artist Olivia Tuppen!

To watch the short series, please click ‘Play’ below

Video - Click to play

As an artist and crafter, she specialises in bringing animals and creatures to life, but is willing to try her hand at almost anything creative. Whilst she is fond of traditional mediums, including using acrylic paint, pencils and watercolours, she’s also a master of using digital programmes to capture the detailed beauty of our wildlife, 

Olivia’s short series therefore follows her as she digitally paints a fox, with her attention to detail producing a stunning final piece that was in fact inspired by her very own neighbourhood’s resident fox. 

The intriguing, calm videos guide you through the basic methods that can be used to sketch and paint on almost any tablet device with a pressure sensitive pen. Olivia gently encourages everyone throughout the video, demonstrating how to build up a realistic portrayal with layers of digital paint in much the same way you would when using tangible artistic materials. 

Olivia Tuppen Red Squirrel Digital Painting

As well as sharing interesting insights on how to make the best use of colour depending on whether you want your work to feel warm or cool, she also emphasises how worthwhile it is to take the time to really immerse yourself in your subject and take note of the wonderful shapes that make up the creatures we share the natural world with. 

She also shares a lovely sentiment that encapsulates all that our Arty Afternoons are about; that it’s important to find artists who inspire you, but that you should only ever judge your work against your work as opposed to someone else’s. Everyone has their own artistic style, whether you think of yourself as an artist or not, and embracing that is all that matters. 

Alongside her art and craft work, Olivia also has a degree in game design, which she hopes to use for more independent projects in future.

To find out more about Olivia’s work, please click here

Olivia’s appreciation for immense detail is mesmerising to watch and we are enormously grateful to her for taking the time to create these videos so that we could share them with all of you. 

Happy watching! 

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