Louisa Crispin is the latest artist to create a video for our Arty Afternoons series, offering us all a little insight into how we can both capture and lose ourselves in the creative gifts of nature.


Having discovered a passion for drawing in 2010, Louisa often finds herself lost in a world of intricate natural observations. The self-styled ‘Artist Gardener’ is entranced by the cycle of growth and decay, which she regularly takes note of by simply stepping outside her back door. 

As her video illustrates, Louisa’s stunning garden attracts all kinds of insects and birds, which along with various plants have become her choice of subject. By simply using smooth Strathmore Bristol Board and ultra-sharp pencils, Louisa whiles away many an hour in her quiet studio carefully studying and sketching an array of species in exquisite detail. 

Her artistic approach is a reminder of the amazing work that can be done with a simple pencil, particularly when focussing on texture, shadows, silhouettes and movement as Louisa does. All of this can be represented with marks and tone, thus demonstrating that art doesn’t always have to be about colour. She was awarded the PURE Arts Drawing Prize in 2013 and has also been elected to the Free Painters and Sculptors, the United Society of Artists and the Society of Graphic Fine Art, thereby demonstrating that the artistic world clearly agrees! 

Dividing her time between her studio in Kent and her partnership at Artichoke Gallery, Louisa has regularly exhibited her artwork and as a result her ‘Individual Bee’ pieces have become rather popular. She has generously offered to donate 10% of sales from this collection to Horatio’s Garden, providing the buyer has discovered her art through the charity. 

To discover more about Louisa and her work, please click here 

We are so grateful to Louisa for filming this wonderful video and hope you enjoy watching it as much as she enjoyed making it.