January 26, 2024

Arts Programme in Horatio’s Garden Wales blooms thanks to support from Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

Horatio’s Garden would like to thank the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust for generously donating over £7000 to support the Arts Programme in Horatio’s Garden Wales.

Since its opening in May 2022, Horatio’s Garden Wales has hosted a wide range of creative activities. From willow weaving and watercolours to ceramics and music performances, the Arts Programme aims to offer something for everyone.

Many patients in Horatio’s Garden Wales have recalled fond memories of the Arts Programme. One patient, speaking of a recent live music performance, said: “The entertainment was first class. It made me feel totally relaxed, entertained and took my mind completely off the pain I was in. They played great songs including blues and swing. I requested a return as soon as possible.”

Another patient discussed the therapeutic benefits of willow weaving: “I find it helps me with my dexterity and hand movements using muscles that I don’t usually use.”

Since launching a nationwide Arts Programme in 2021, research conducted by Horatio’s Garden has demonstrated the emotional and rehabilitative benefits of artistic activities. When surveyed, 97% of patients reported finding a distraction from pain when taking part in the programme, while a further 92% stated that their hand or arm movements were strengthened or refined as a result.

One patient from the Welsh garden spoke especially strongly of their transformative experience with the Arts Programme: “Horatio’s Garden is a wonderful place, and it has had a hugely positive impact on my rehabilitation. The art classes and craft sessions helped me tremendously as they were working my hands and getting me back into a hobby I love! Set in the most beautiful garden and surrounded by gorgeous plants, there was always something glorious to draw or be inspired by. I will forever be grateful to Horatio’s Garden.”

A survey conducted in Horatio’s Garden Wales itself revealed that 100% of patients there found the craft sessions and live music helpful for their rehabilitation. The money donated by the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust has been invaluable in ensuring these sessions take place.

Victoria Holton, Trustee of Horatio’s Garden and former patient with a spinal injury, said: “Having a spinal injury and finding yourself in hospital can be a very scary and lonely experience. The Arts Programme helps to build a sense of community between patients during their long hospital stays and encourages free flowing conversation in a relaxed environment. Patients’ loved ones are encouraged to join as well.”

The Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust provides financial support to inspiring projects throughout Wales. Causes championed by the Trust span the worlds of sport, business, the environment and more, and we are enormously grateful to them for choosing to support our Arts Programme.

As an independent charity, Horatio’s Garden is reliant on the generosity of both organisations like the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and individual donors. If you would like to help us to create and care for our gardens, or to support our Arts Programme, please consider making a donation.

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