We are excited to announce that after many years of support, Aspire Law have become our regional partners for Horatio’s Garden South West!

Our garden in Salisbury is where Horatio’s Garden began. For that reason, it will always hold a special place in the hearts of everyone at the charity and all those connected to it.

When it came to finding partners to support Horatio’s Garden South West, we knew we needed to choose a firm who knew our journey as a charity and who really understand our motivations for supporting people with new spinal injuries, as well as the wider spinal cord injury (SCI) community.

Our newest regional partners, Aspire Law, fit that bill superbly. Having supported us for a number of years already and with their own, unique ties to spinal cord injury, they are the perfect choice.


The legal arm of Aspire (the national spinal injuries charity), Aspire Law are the only law firm that act purely for clients with spinal injuries. As such, their knowledge and understanding of the condition is second to none. They have years of experience supporting newly injured people and their families and they truly understand the positive impact that our gardens have on people’s physical and mental rehabilitation after injury.

Many of the Aspire Law team already have excellent relationships with Horatio’s Garden which will really help our partnership to flourish from day one. Raquel Siganporia, Director of Business Development and Senior Solicitor at Aspire Law, has a particularly special relationship with the charity; she’s not only one of our existing volunteers, but also a very passionate and committed Ambassador for Horatio’s Garden. She had the following to say about our new partnership:

“Aspire Law are immensely proud to become a regional partner for Horatio’s Garden at their South West garden in Salisbury. As an ambassador, volunteer and someone with a spinal cord injury, I see how much the gardens mean to those who have become injured, and to their friends and families.

Aspire Law understands those injured need to grieve, begin to adjust, and eventually look forward to the next day. The gardens do this by nurturing new skills, new outlooks and new lives through the beautiful settings, creative initiatives, and fabulous staff. We are therefore delighted to be able to support Horatio’s Garden with all they do to achieve this.”

As part of their partnership, the Aspire Law team have committed to volunteering on a weekly basis to help our garden team make sure that patients have the best possible experience in the garden. Whilst the team will be helping out with plenty of gardening tasks (including the odd bit of power-washing here and there!) they will also be supporting our creative workshops, helping with events, and most importantly will spend time chatting to patients to try to make their time in Horatio’s Garden even brighter.

Bethan Cummings, Director of Fundraising for Horatio’s Garden had the following to say about our newest partnership:

“Our garden in Salisbury is such a special place for us and it is only right that we have partners there who are committed to helping us maintain it as a haven for everyone affected by spinal cord injury. To have a team of experts on board who have such a unique understanding of spinal cord injury, who are willing to help people process the prospect of life after injury, is such a vital resource and one that we are incredibly grateful to have.

Aspire Law have always been a keen supporter of Horatio’s Garden – attending events, supporting fundraisers and volunteering in the gardens – so we are delighted to welcome them on board as partners to continue our strong relationship with them”.

Thank you again to everyone at Aspire Law for your continued support. We are very much looking forward to working with you and welcoming you into the Salisbury garden as partners very soon.