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July 15 2020

an artist in lockdown by katy mcintyre-brown

Some of you may remember Katy McIntyre-Brown as one of our former Arty Afternoon contributors, where she gently taught us about capturing the beauty of bluebells on canvas. Despite having already lent us her artistic talents, this week Katy is back with a new video offering a glimpse into her creative world through lockdown, as well as providing advice on how to create your very own garden portrait.

As the video illustrates, Katy has been busy painting almost every available surface in her home in lockdown with truly beautiful results. She shares her love of horticulture and capturing the beauty of plants, which inspires much of her work and indeed influences the piece she creates in order to inspire all of us at home too.

The art she creates (having run out of walls to draw on!) centres around marigolds and hollyhocks, two vibrantly beautiful flowers that Katy feels deserve a bit of artistic attention. The video introduces the importance of undercolouring in order to make the brighter colours ‘pop’, whilst she also helps beginners to understand how to balance a piece in order to create an aesthetically pleasing painting.

As a former artist in residence in Horatio’s Garden Salisbury and the designer of this year’s Horatio’s Garden Tea Towel, we have come to know Katy’s unique and delicate work well. She truly has a talent for noticing and painting the intricacies of small, stunning flowers and gives them the recognition they deserve.

We hope you enjoy this week’s video and remember that you can revisit all our Arty Afternoons videos whenever you like on our YouTube channel!

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