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June 28 2021

a patient’s perspective: exploring horatio’s garden midlands on film

“I thoroughly enjoyed this project. The garden is such a special place that brings joy to so many of us, patients and staff.” 

For the past month or so, one particular patient in Horatio’s Garden Midlands has been working on a wonderful film which captures the beauty of the plants and wildlife waiting to be found in the haven from the perspective of a wheelchair. She is 41 years-old, has been spending time in the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI) since December 2020 and is paraplegic, meaning she is paralysed from the waist down. 

To watch the short film, please click on the ‘Play’ button below 

She decided to embark on the project after Head Gardener Imogen happened to introduce her to supporter Janet Randell’s A Chronicle of Spring series. She was instantly intrigued and after watching some of the videos shared that she’d like to try something similar on a smaller scale in Horatio’s Garden. 

Janet is a former patient of the MCSI in Oswestry herself and since the beginning of lockdown in March 2019, she’s been regularly venturing out to film the natural scenes in her local area. She’s then posted her gorgeous films to YouTube, in the hope that people, particularly those who were and are unable to go outside themselves, can watch them to relax and take some time out of their own lives to enjoy the sights and sounds of a host of landscapes. 

To watch and discover A Chronicle of Spring, please click here 

Being immensely generous, Janet also felt that the films were the perfect opportunity to raise some money for Horatio’s Garden, therefore she made the suggestion that should any watchers wish to show their appreciation for the films, they can simply text SPRINGTIME to 70450 to donate £5 to Horatio’s Garden.* 

Thoughtfully too, the short series was also intended to encourage those with spinal cord injuries, with Janet sharing “We hope the films inspire wheelchair users to get out and explore once the pandemic is over.” 

They certainly made an impact, especially in the life of this lady, who has now captured every element of the sanctuary in all its stunning summer glory.  

As you’ll see in the video, the planting is flourishing in our fourth garden, having unbelievably been establishing itself now for almost two years. The flowerbeds are full of gorgeous roses and so much more, all of which attract countless insects looking for green spaces to rely on, whilst the area by the rill regularly leads to a surprise appearance from some of the garden’s feathered friends; some of whom you’ll encounter rather remarkably when you watch the video! 

Everyday Horatio’s Garden is home to countless incredible moments and we are so grateful to this person for artfully capturing so many of them. This film will most certainly bring everyone who sees it a great deal of joy, just as the project has done for the person who created it. With the garden being such an important part of their life over recent months, they simply hope you love exploring the oasis from this uniquely beautiful perspective, one which, as you’ll read below, has helped them to feel happy, hopeful and confident. 

“I don’t know what I would have done without Horatio’s Garden and all the activities that I have taken part in. I have done gardening, painting, willow weaving, jigsaws, relaxation, reading and others. These have been most therapeutic for me.” 

“The filming though was especially nice for me as I got to see the garden from so many beautiful, different, views and angles, each one as precious as the next. It gives me a warm feeling inside and inspires me to feel good about myself being surrounded by such wonderfulness. Whenever I am in the garden I feel truly blessed and know that I am very fortunate.” 


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