The sun was shining as over 300 people spent the day with us at the lovely Llanover Garden, with owners Ross & Elizabeth Murray generously opening the gorgeous, listed garden’s gates in support of Horatio’s Garden Wales on Saturday 25th July.


As one of the South Wales countryside’s best kept secrets, people were delighted to be able to make the most of the breath-taking landscape, with the 18-acre garden framed by the dramatic, beautiful Black Mountains.  

Throughout the afternoon, guests shared how stunning they had found the garden to be, whilst they also relished the delicious cream teas that were available throughout the afternoon. Taken together, the two were the perfect summer treat!

Having been purchased by Benjamin Waddinton, the direct ancestor of the current owners, in 1792, the gardens have been continually developed by six generations of the same family. Beginning with the creation of a series of ponds, cascades and rills, Benjamin created the backbone of the garden. 

Since then, the garden has become home to herbaceous borders, a water garden, champion trees and three areas devoted to wildflowers, with the entrance drive boasting over 18 key indicator species, meaning it’s regarded as an excellent example of species-rich grassland.


With guests meandering the afternoon away, countless people commented on how thrilled they were to discover some sort of horticultural delight around every corner. Among the most talked about features of the gardens were the intriguing trees, many of which are unusual and were planted by Robin Herbert V.M.H., a past President of the Royal Horticultural Society. As well as lending wonderful summer structure, many of them are also known for their spectacular autumn colour, including the acers, nyssas, caryas and liquidambars.


Everyone was sorry to see an end to the afternoon, however all those who attended came away not only feeling as though they had seen something incredibly special, but also that they now had a welcome newfound knowledge and appreciation for Horatio’s Garden Wales. 

We are so grateful to Ross & Elizabeth for generously opening their garden in support of the charity, whilst we also really appreciate the support of everyone who joined us for the day. Together, you helped to raise over £5,000 for Horatio’s Garden Wales, a phenomenal total that will truly change people’s lives.