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June 25 2020

90 year-old andrew returns home to his family

Andrew Rodger, a patient who has spent time in both the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit and Horatio’s Garden Scotland since January this year, has recently made a triumphant return home after overcoming Coronavirus. 

He was admitted to the spinal centre after a fall and whilst in the centre unfortunately tested positive for Covid-19. He was unwell for over seven weeks, but now that he is Covid-19 free and has successfully completed his rehabilitation, he has finally been able to go back to spending time in the company of his family. 

Notably, Andrew also celebrated his 90th birthday whilst in the spinal centre, which was made special by all the wonderful staff who came to know him well throughout his stay.  

Speaking of her truly remarkable father, Andrew’s daughter Sandra shared that “The biggest celebration for us is his discharge home. He has fought a battle and not only survived an acute spinal injury, but also Covid-19. We are extremely proud of him.” 

Head Gardener, Sallie Sillars, recalls often seeing Andrew in Horatio’s Garden Scotland and found that it was always a pleasure to see him enjoying spending time outside amongst the planting. 

Andrew’s recovery is truly a testament to all the staff of the QENSIU, which was remarked upon by Senior Charge Nurse, Helena Richmond. She shared “I am sincerely proud of all the staff who have been involved in the journey. We have a fantastic team and it has been an honour to guide and support them through this challenging time.” 

We wish Andrew and his family all the very best for the future. 

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