Oswestry Advertiser

October 16 2017

Horatio’s Garden features in Octobers edition of Oswestry Advertizer. 

The Advertizer met with Olivia at the Oswestry fundraiser at Brynkinalt Hall in September, where she highlighted the plans for the new garden and how we are raising money for Oswestry: 

“We want to create a lovely atmosphere and an area with a communal feel so it makes conversations easier. We want it to feel more like a garden and less like a hospital if we can. Whatever the weather you will be able to get into the garden and enjoy being away from the ward. We are more than halfway there with the fundraising, which is really exciting, but we can’t begin the build until we have all the money. We’re urging anyone who can get involved to help out, whether that is running a 5km, hosting a cake sale or anything else.”

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